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The retention stage of treatment begins after your braces have been removed. Braces are replaced by a retainer, the purpose of which is to keep your teeth in their new proper position. By wearing a retainer, yout gums and bone are given time to stabilise around the new position of your teeth. Retention is an integral part of your overall treatment during which you will continue to attend appointments to enable us to monitor your progress.

Removable retainers will be provided as part of your orthodontic treatment and the period of time that they should be worn each day will be recommended by your orthodontist. In some cases bonded or fixed retainers will be fitted as an alternative.

Please remember it's in your own best interests to wear your retainers. Your final orthodontic result depends on how well you wear them, so follow through with the hard work you've put in so far.

If you lose or damage your retainers we can replace them but there will be a charge of £51.40 per arch.

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