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NHS Treatment
NHS Treatment for Under 18

Children and teens are assessed and treated under the NHS for free. All NHS assessments must be instigated by an NHS referral request from a dentist. This type of treatment is restricted to using metal stainless steel braces, removable and functional appliances. The funding criteria for orthodontic treatment is restricted to moderate and severe orthodontic problems.

In the event that you have been refused NHS funding due to the minor nature of your orthodontic problem, here at Glasgow Southside Orthodontics we offer NHS style treatment that is independently funded at reduced cost.

Metal Appliances
Mainly used for children and those undergoing treatment funded by the National Health Service (NHS). Metal braces are made of high grade stainless steel that withstands masticatory forces.

Functional Appliances Functional Appliances
These are mostly removable appliances that hold the jaw forward to correct the way the top and bottom teeth meet. They are used in children during the growth period and are almost always worn full time. They are almost always used in conjunction with fixed appliances to achieve the best results.

Removable Appliances Removable Appliances
These types of appliances have very limited use in comprehensive orthodontic treatment. They are mostly used for single tooth movement or bite correction along with fixed appliances or expansion.

Removable retainers will be provided as part of your orthodontic treatment and the period of time that they should be worn each day will be recommended by your orthodontist. In some cases bonded or fixed retainers will be fitted as an alternative.

NHS Treatment for Adults

Adults must be referred by their dentist to undergo an NHS orthodontic assessment. The NHS funding criteria is strict and is restricted to metal stainless steel braces. Therefore most orthodontic treatment for adults is undertaken on a self funded basis as a wide range of treatment is available with more flexible appointments.

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